Posted by: bosteen | April 23, 2007

Some New Meat.

Blogging hasn’t been good to me this past week.  It was a busy long week.  A week that ended up pretty good.  Friday night, I had my White Russian Party and last night I went to a fun party at my friends house.  The problem with friend parties is that its always the same damn people.  The same group of people talking, getting drunk and doing whatever.  It is kind of incestuous.  I was relieved when I showed up and there were some new people there.

I got a drink and made my way around to everyone.  I said my necessary hellos and scoped out the new people to see if there was any prospects.  There really wasn’t anyone interestin at the party.  I stayed for a bit and caught up with some friends.  I was there for about an hour thinking of leaving.  I set my drink down and on my way out when I saw someone.  His face was cute, but his body was god damn.  If I was to guess, I would say 6’5 atheletic and a great fucking ass.

I walked my way over to introduce myself.   The boy was a total meat-head.  I’m surprised he didn’t just talk with grunts.  However, he just looked so good.  It really is a take the good with the bad sort of thing.  I talked until I couldn’t stand it any more so I kissed him to shut him the fuck up.  He was a damn good kisser if you ask me and you should because I am telling you.  I felt the bulge in his pants.  I grabbed his cock to get a good check of the equipment to see if it was worth the mindless talking I would have to go through.  It was worth it the chance.  I stopped kissing him and he had this confused look on his face.  I don’t think he expected a girl to kiss him like that within 15 minutes of meeting him.

We sat down on the couch to chat some more, the shit I do for a good sex life.  I honestly couldn’t take any more of his voice so I leaned in and kissed him again.  This was a deep long make out kind of kiss.  He got into it also his hands were grabbing at me wanting to rip my clothes off there.  To get him to relax a little, I put my hand down his pants and stroked him.  Yes, I know it was there on the couch at a party but I don’t care.  He pulled back to tell me he was about to blow his load.  I backed off his cock a little.

In all honesty, I just wanted his cock.  I needed a new cock.  I have been with the same guys for a some time.  I know their moves, it gets old with the same thing.  I told him in his ear “I want to fuck you right now.”  I didn’t want to fuck him on the couch though, where could we go.  I knew the place after a moment of thinking.  I grabbed his hand and led him into a room that I knew would be empty and dark.

We went to the laundry room.   He knew exactly what to do.  He pulled off my pants and took out his cock.  He bent me over the washer and fucked me right there.  The music and people talking in the party made it so I didn’t have to stay quiet.  I was already wet from the making out on the couch.  His cock slid in me so easy.  He grabbed my hips and rammed me hard.  I grunted and moaned as he fucked my hole.  I was so horny that I orgasmed fast and on my way to the second orgasm when he finished.  I will never see him or talk to him again but it was fucking hot how it happened.

Today at work, this guy and his girl come in to do some shopping.  His girl goes into the changing room and he starts to hit on me.  He is good looking so I go with it.  She comes out to get his opinion and goes back in the changing room.  He starts really flirting now, I wasn’t holding back either.  We exchanged looks the rest of the time he was in the store.  I checked them out and they both left.  He came in a couple minutes later.  He told me he wanted to go out with me sometime and gave me his number.  I took it.  I gave him a call after work and set up a time for a date.  Happy Humping.

Slut X


  1. lol…a friend once told me at least dumb guys can fuck. i guess it’s true!


  2. Around here , “fun parties” are like Tupperware parties except for sex toys.

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