Posted by: bosteen | April 21, 2007

The White Russian.

Yesterday, I had a white russian party in honor of “the dude”. If you don’t know the dude and the reference, you need to educate yourself. You need to go rent “The Big Lebowski” and enjoy.

There weren’t many rules to this party. The first rule is you have to be chill, no drama after all we are celebrating the dude. The second rule, every one must dress down and bring a robe. The final rule is you must, must drink at least one white russian. The party is just to hang out and have fun. I had fun, not in a sex way, it was just nice to relax and not worry. Tonight is the real party night, so I will have something more interesting to write. Happy Humping.



  1. rock on.

    i love that movie.

    mmmmm white russian.

  2. The dude abides. (great life philosophy, i think)

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