Posted by: bosteen | April 19, 2007


Thanks for all the emails and comments lately. I knew I loved you all, keep up the great work. I especially want to thank those that complemented me on my latest TMI post, I don’t know what made me answer that way. I was inspired I guess.

Compared to my weekend, this week for the most part has been really boring. I have been doing a lot of work and school shit. I was a good girl in school on Monday. There was no flashing, no flirting and made all my classes on time. Tuesday, I had a class and worked. I behaved again. I know I got boring on you. It happens sometimes.

I did talk to Tom on Tuesday. This was by far the most interesting conversation I have ever had. I don’t remember the exact words, so there won’t be any quotes. I had to ask why he didn’t join in while Guy 2 was fucking me. He told me that he wanted to join but he didn’t want to freak out his friend by joining us. He did admit that he enjoyed watching both of us on my bed. This made me pause to think. What did he mean by watching both of us? I focused in on this and asked. Tom fumbled a little bit at first. I would not tell his friend whatever he told me and I would not think bad of him, who am I to judge other people. He did come out to tell me that he is bisexual and that no one really knew about it. He knows how Guy 2 feels about homosexuals so he was resistant to tell him or join in with me and him. His fear was that he was afraid he might do something that would ruin his friend ship with Guy 2. With this revelation, I felt the need to tell him something about myself to make this even. I stalled from telling him my dirty secret for a bit by telling him I have been with bi men in the past. I admitted that I thought it would be kind of hot to watch two guys fuck. He told me that he would love to set something like that up with me sometime. I never did get to my dirty, filthy confession. We got to talking about this possible true threesome. What we would want in someone else joining us. Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Tom seems like hes like me…he wants it..hes just tryin to make excuses..someday ill join in or have a MMF..someday 😉

  2. I would have liked to be a fly on the wall during that conversation. So what is your dirty secret that you didn’t tell him?

  3. I’m back from vacation and had a good time catching up on your blog. Let’s hear your confession on here. You have me drooling with anticipation. I hope you two can set up a MMF threesome and share all the details here. I’d love to be the third if you were a lot closer. 🙂

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