Posted by: bosteen | April 15, 2007

Shocked! (part 2)

Disclaimer: You should read the first part of this event in my life so you can fully appreciate the events.  Before you read, I would like to thank you all for my 10k+ page views.  I honestly don’t know where they come from because I get so little e-mail and comments on the page.  So if you are reading this part now, I want to hear your comments or any e-mail you want to send.  There are ways to contact me on the Info tab.  Now to the conclusion.

I left off last time with me walking into my bedroom with the two guys following. I stripped off my 2 pieces of clothes. I got to the foot of my bed and turned around to see the 2 of them walking toward me. Guy 2 came up to the front of me and kissed me. His hands rested on my hips. My hands started to undo his pants. Tom went behind me, his hands came around to the front and found their way to my tits. Tom was kissing and biting on my neck while I pulled down Guy 2’s pants. Guy 2 stepped out of his pants and I pulled his shirt off.

I was hoping that when Tom said he wanted to watch another guy fuck me that he would be doing something else to me at the same time. I couldn’t of been more wrong. Tom wanted to watch me get fucked by another guy literally. I was so disappointed in my head, I wanted to have two dicks in me. However when it came down to it Tom backed off and let Guy 2 have me.

Guy 2 initially had me grab on the foot board of my bed. I spread my legs and he guided is cock into me slow until he was all the way inside. It was the gentlest thing he did that night. He fucked my pussy with hard fast thrusts. I was grunting with my moans from him motion. His hands grabbed onto my tits and he leaned over and started to kiss my shoulders then bite a little. It was rough and hard, I LOVED IT! I looked over at Tom, he was watching every moment of it. It was like he was recording it to his brain. It made me hornier knowing that he was there watching me, stroking his cock.

Guy 2 pulled all the way out of me and told me to get on the bed. I climbed up on the bed, on my back. Guy 2 loves me on my back and my legs on his shoulders or spread eagle for some reason. I positioned myself so Tom had a sideway view of his friend fucking my pussy. Guy 2 grabbed my legs and pulled them apart. He began to fuck me hard again. My moans and grunts getting louder again. I was looking Tom directly in the eyes as I was getting fucked. I felt the orgasm growing in me. It wasn’t long before it hit me and I was cumming. Tom stroked himself faster as I orgasmed.

Guy 2 wanting to cum even more now that I orgasmed, pounded me harder. I said between my moans for him to cum on my chest. His strokes got slower and then he pulled out of me. He got rid of his condom and furiously rubbed his cock until his load released on to my tits. Tom stayed there watching, stroking his cock, watching the whole thing. Guy 2 at this point, reality sinking in to his head, looked over and saw his friend masturbating to this. I think it freaked him out a little because he got his clothes and left. Tom took this opportunity to come up to me and jerk off his load in with Guy 2’s cum.

I laid there now with 2 guys cum on my chest, my pussy sore from the major fucking one gave to me. I thought my night was over, then I felt someone licking my pink, sore pussy. I look down and there was Tom licking me. He kept up licking, fucking me with his tongue and rubbing my clit until I cummed again. I too a finger and got their cum on it and tasted them while he ate my used pussy.

After three orgasms, two guys cum on my chest and the events of the day, I had a smile beaming on my face. I didn’t notice Tom leave while basking in my post sex state. I slept like a baby that night. I didn’t even wash the cum off my chest. I slept with it on me and let it dry. It didn’t end up the way I wanted but I still had a great time. Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. This was really hot. I am glad you enjoyed your night. 3sums are a lot of fun when they are done right!

  2. nice. very nice.

  3. I have to say that there is something very erotic about watching someone fucking a girl in front of me. Great story, sounds like you all had a great time..

  4. Absolutely steamy in every way. It sounds to me like this Tom shares many proclivities and fantasies with that Tom, if only I could fulfill them… This post had me going, though, great detail and just absolutely sexy!

  5. What a naughty teen slut!

    I love this blog post. The way this “threesome” is describe is just so erotic. I would love to have a little teen slut like this to watch!

    I don’t count it as a 3sum. However, it was really fun.

  6. I don’t count it as a 3sum either, but sure sounded like a very fun time. I’m not sure I could’ve kept my hands off Tom though, I probably would have goaded him into playing with instead of just watching! Or at least tried too!

  7. wow

  8. this series was great. it must have been so exciting and thrilling. i can imagine that the thrill made the pleasure of the experience so much more intenst. i’ll bet that tingling you get when you are so excited made you cum so much harder.
    i’ll look forward to reading more of your adventures….

  9. Technically, it’s not a threesome but it’s still hot. Some guys are a bit homophobic and have problems being close to another man when aroused. My experience has been that, when it comes down to, it’s a lot harder for a woman to broker a MFM threesome than one would think. (The two girls, one guy thing is no problem.) I just hope they don’t start acting weird.

  10. amazing post!!!

  11. Even though this night did not end the way you wanted it to, it sure was a hot night!!! yummy

  12. …hopefully you’ll get those two cocks in you some day…

  13. I love your pieces! They are hot, hot, hot!

  14. great story. That was a 2 1/2 some!
    I’d sure like t watch that though. Im sure Tom would have obliged if you had said “put your dick in my mouth or something to that effect.

  15. Loved it. Very hot!

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