Posted by: bosteen | April 14, 2007

Shocked! (part 1)

I went out with Dan last night. We went out to a movie, no promise of anything. We saw Grindhouse or part of it anyhow. I couldn’t sit through three hours of that shit, so I left early. He stayed, I told him he could after all he paid to see it. I took a taxi home.

In the taxi, I called Tom to see what he was doing. He said he was out but nothing was really happening. I told him to meet me at my place. He beat me there. I walked up to my door and he was sitting there. We embraced, kissed and went inside. I went to change out of my clothes into something more comfortable, not sexy in this case just comfortable. I told him where I kept my stash of booze and to make some drinks, I wanted a cranberry and vodka.

I went in my room and my cell rings, I ignore it on principle whoever it is too late. I come out wearing a pair of shorts and tank top. We sit there on the couch talking and drinking. While we are talking, my cell rings again. I am thinking to myself goddamn it, leave me alone. I again ignored the phone, this time it was easier because I was kissing Tom. His hands manage to find their way into my shorts and discovers that I am going commando. My pussy is already a little wet and with his assistance it became wetter. Tom began to finger my pussy while we kissed. Between my horniness and him hitting the right spot, I quickly orgasmed.

I was on my way to pulling down his pants and sucking his cock when the doorbell rang. FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to answer because my parents will sometimes come down to check on me to see if I’m alive. I tell him I have to answer apologetically. I open the door part way and its Guy 2. FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! I lie and tell him I’m not feeling well and his last phone call woke me up, to make him feel guilty. I am hoping he can’t smell my wet pussy. He apologizes and leaves. I shut the door thanking God.

I go into the other room and sit down on the couch. Tom asks who it was. I told him it was his friend and I think he was coming for some ass. I add that it was him on the phone that called those times. I am hoping he is cool with this because I really want to fuck him. He sits back, then he gets this real mischievous look on his face. I look at him and say “what”. I am not bullshitting you with this. Tom says, “I was thinking the other day and I really want to watch you get fucked.”

To say that that I had a shocked look on my face is the biggest understatement ever. You all know my stance on threesomes, I love them. I ask him if he wants me to call Guy 2 and see what he says. Tom says yes. Thinking to myself, this is going to be impossible. I call Guy 2 and tell him that I lied then the rest of the story. There was all of 1o seconds of complete silence, I thought he hung up. I have to mention at this time Tom is kissing my neck and playing with my tits. It was driving me nuts. Guy 2 finally speaks up “sure, want to do it now.” I got the biggest, widest smile ever thought possible. I said get over here now, the door will be unlocked and lock it when you come.

I go unlock the door and back to the couch. When I get back to the couch he is sitting there with his cock out. I get on my knees, lean over and take him in my mouth. I start stroking the base of his cock while sucking on his head. I was sucking his cock when I heard the door open and close. Guy 2 had arrived in time to see me ass in the air sucking his buddy’s cock. I feel Guy 2’s fingers start to rub my pussy. I spread my legs a little only to feel his fingers slip into my wet hole. Tom’s cock then explodes in my mouth. I try to get every bit in my mouth. I get up and start to walk into my bedroom. Tom and Guy 2 follow me.

That’s it for part 1, this will be long and I need a break. Also, yes I am one of the people in that photo with the lime.  Can you guess which girl I am?  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. don’t tease us….or maybe please do!!!!
    can’t wait to see post


  2. A lime? I don’t see any lime…. but I am looking forward to the rest of this story! This Tom guy is a trooper if he is already blowing it and still going back for more.

  3. Wow, what the start of a story. Wow.

  4. Mmmm, I love the exhibitionism. This is incredible, can’t wait for the rest!

  5. Are you the one on the left? That is my Tom’s guess.

    Hot story. Looking forward to part two!

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