Posted by: bosteen | April 13, 2007

Test for him and me

Its been a couple days since my last post.  I know I’m a horrible person how could I leave you all alone to imagine the things I do.  Other than my one moment of weakness, I have maintained my lack of masturbation.  I think one time out of 2 weeks is pretty damn good.  Nothing notable happened yesterday, I have my boring moments too.

Today was a good day.  I was up to my normal bad behavior in calculus.  We had a test so I wore my short skirt with no panties for it.  I sat there the whole time with my legs open so my prof had a clear view of my pussy.  I finished the test early but sat there until the end of class pretending to do something.  I would look up every couple minutes and smile at him.  Those last moments when I was finished with my test, I was thinking about the last class I have with him.  I could follow him to his office and get him to fuck me right there on his desk.  I am getting off the point.  The class is done and those that are left over took their tests up.  I made sure I was last.  I couldn’t help but notice his very obvious hard-on.  This made me happy to know the result.  He asked me what I thought of the test.  I looked at him with a huge smile and told him I thought I did well.  I winked and left the class to find Dan for a lunch special.

I called Dan and asked him if he wanted lunch, wink wink.  He said “definitely”.  We found ourself in his car again at the same place as last time fucking.  A very productive day so far.  I have a somewhat date with Tom later tonight.  Hopefully, I have more to write about later.  Happy Humping.

Slut X


  1. Damn girl even as your prof I’d think it would be nearly impossible to have restraint like he does. You’re gonna make him burst like I know I would!

  2. I did the same thing in high school Geometry. I think it’s the only reason I passed. Although my teacher was so fat and ugly I don’t think I would have fucked him for and A+!!

    I have an b+ without the help, so I’m not worried about the grade. He is just so freaking hot, it turns me on to do it.

  3. This must be fiction.

    I assure you that this isn’t fiction. I never said I fucked my teacher, I said I wanted to fuck him. I don’t know what else you think would be fiction.

  4. I love the tease element. So hot!

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