Posted by: bosteen | April 10, 2007

Tom cums for a visit.

I didn’t get back last night to update the events with Tom. I went home after work and called Tom to tell him to come over. I waited because I wanted a chance to change after work. I threw on a skirt, low cut shirt and a special surprise I bought at work. He knocked at the door and I let him inside. We sat and pretend to cover up the real reason he was here so we watched some tv.

It took me all of ten minutes to get past the pretending and for my hand to be down his pants stroking his cock. He shed his pants and boxers. I leaned over and voraciously started to suck on his cock. He shot his load in my mouth and making me gag a little but I swallowed it in the end.

Tom then took control. He pushed my on my back on the couch. He pushed up my skirt to reveal my new panties. They were redish see through panties with little flowers. His fingers rubbed the lips of my pussy a couple times, then removed them. He started by sucking on my clit and fingering my pussy. He grabbed my hips and pulled my closer to his mouth. Tom started to tongue fuck me and play with my clit until I cummed. He took his time to lick up my wet pussy after I finished.

We got up and walked into my bedroom. I stood by the bed and removed his shirt.  He reciprocated, once my shirt was off, he leaned over and began to pinch, lick, kiss and suck on my nipples.  He smacked my ass hard and grabbed it.  Taking hold of my hips, he turned me around and pushed my on the bed.  I got up on my hands and spread my legs.  His hands started at my hips when he guided his cock in me.  As he fucked me, his hands went up the side of my body and grabbed onto my tits.  I was on the edge of orgasm when he pulled out of me.  I begged him to continue, but he refused.

I begged him again, this time he told me get on on my back with a commanding tone.  Quickly, I got on the bed and laid on my back.  He grabbed a pillow, lifted my hips and put it underneath me.  He spread my legs and began to fuck me again.  I quickly cummed with his pounding.  He continued to fuck my pussy.  I told him to cum on my stomach.  As he got close, he pulled out and stroked his shaft.  The first burst of cum was powerful and hit me on the face.  The rest of his load went on my stomach.  I took my finger wiped the bit that hit my face and then stuck my finger in my mouth.

We laid in bed for some time after talking and laughing.  He got dressed and left about a half hour later.  Tom is definitely a keeper.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I bet Tom really thinks that you are a keeper too. Especially if you always have surprises for him. Women have a million reasons to invite guys to stop by with. From keeping them company while they are doing the laundry (all of my GFs bras/panties were in the washer) to watching Monday night football.

    Can your parents see who comes and goes at your place or do you have some privacy traffic wise?

    Not unless they really want to crane their neck to look. My parents have been pretty cool my whole life so I don’t think I makes a diff.

  2. Just came across your blog. We like it very much. Good stuff. Added you to our links.. keep up the great work.

  3. Got inspiration on one of my blog posts?
    You’re welcum!
    Keep in touch…

    Mr. X

    Uh yeah, I’m lost. I don’t recall ever visiting your blog so I don’t know how I got inspiration from it. I know that sounds mean but it is just confusion.

  4. Just started reading the blog and have to say love every minute of it. Definitely a turn on. Keep surprising the men, we love every minute of it!

  5. I’ve been lurking around your site for a bit. I have my own Tom. He is number 3 or 4 I think in the line of “Toms”. Something about men with that name.

    Anyways – sounds like someone has a submissive side to her. Is that the norm for you? I thoroughly enjoy being a submissive.

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