Posted by: bosteen | April 10, 2007

TMI 78

1. Stubble… good or bad? How often do you shave?  I hope I don’t have any stubble.  It is bad.  I shave every other day.  Stubble on a guy is ok, but he better not be going down on me.
2. How often do you kiss (read make out) with your so?  I don’t currently have a significant other.  I love to kiss though, so a lot.  Not to mention, hands going all over exploring each other is incredible foreplay.
3. Have you ever placed a personal ad or answered a personal ad?  Never placed one, I don’t plan on starting.
4. Where was the first place you ever had sex?  The guys bed.
5. After a night of great sex, who do you tell? How much?  LOL, are you new to this blog?  I don’t hold much back.

Bonus (as in optional): Have you ever kissed your partner on the lips after oral sex without brushing teeth, nor washing/gargling/rinsing out mouth? Turn on or off?  Hell yes, all the time.  A big turn on, I love to taste myself in their mouth.


  1. Hi I found your link on TMI’s comment section and thought I’d leave you a comment- I do agree the last couple weeks questions have been kind of tame…it must be hard to come up with answers every week though…so I’m definately not volunteering!

    Your blog looks like a lot of fun/ good read..I’ll be back to check you out later!

  2. happy tmi! =P

  3. I don’t understand why the internet seems to have this hang-up about kissing post-oral sex/ eating out post-coitus. It’s certainly not gross; but rather very sexy. It’s a pet peeve – I feel people should boycott questions related to it until people realize that it’s obviously the right thing to do.

  4. I’ve shaved every day since I was 17 because I plan on going down on my partner every day. In fact, on weekends, I shave later in he day (sometimes just before we go out) just for that reason.

    I will say that we usually wipe our chins before we come up.

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