Posted by: bosteen | April 9, 2007

Accidental Run-In

I don’t know how many of you noticed in a previous post about a guy named Tom.  I remember writing at the time saying he was gorgeous.  He certainly is gorgeous.  It could be the fact that he towers over me, his dark hair, strong arms and just all around yummy.  The last blog was from very early Saturday morning to give you a time line for this entry.

The start of Saturday was pretty typical (get up, shower, eat, etc).  In the afternoon, I needed to get some stuff so I went to my favorite store.  I was walking out of the store to my car when I saw a familiar face, Tom.  He looks up when I yell out his name making a complete fool out of myself.  We walk to each other and started chatting each other up.  I was flirting and ogling his gorgeous form.  He wasn’t asking about meeting up later, so I took the initiative and asked if he wanted to do something later that night.  We exchanged numbers and parted ways.

Tom called me about 2 hours later and suggested that we watch a movie.  He said he rented “Blood Diamond”, he could come get me or I could go to his place or he could come here.  I suggested he come here to watch the movie.  I told him of my back entrance to my place.  Yes, I live with my parents but they have this rental place in their house that they used to rent out to college students.  When I got into college, they offered to let me live in it so I felt I was on my own and not living at my parents house.  Its nice I have the best of both worlds and I do pay some rent so I’m not a spoiled princess.

He arrived at my place around 8:30.  We got comfortable on the couch and watched the movie.  I was getting cold during the movie so I cuddled up to him and he certainly didn’t mind.  At the end of the movie, he leaned over and began to kiss me.  I returned the kiss and before I knew it we were in a full on make out session.  Our hands hands explored each others bodies.  I was so fucking wet by the time his hands found their way into my panties.  My hand found his rigid cock likewise, it was average length but had a good thickness to it.  Our night ended up with me jacking him off and him fingering me.

Easter came and it was a boring family affair.  In the late afternoon, Dan called.  I invited him over, we talked and relaxed.  Things got a little steamy but I lied and told him I didn’t have any condoms so we couldn’t have sex.  I wasn’t really wanting Dan yesterday, my mind was still on Tom.  I did want to get off though.  I ended  giving him a quick, half hearted blow job, not that he noticed because he cummed pretty quickly.  He then went down on me and gave me some fucking great oral.  I felt bad about the half hearted blow job.

After Dan left, I called Tom to set something up for today.  He couldn’t do the lunch thing.  He is coming over later tonight after I’m done with work.  I am sure to have my way with him and will update after.  I still haven’t masturbated yet, so I am still working on my two week embargo.  Happy Humping

Slut X


  1. Doesn’t seem like much of a conundrum, Tom sounds terrific!

  2. It seems that you have the best of both worlds right now; but I wonder how long before Tom becomes an everyday thing. Do you have a thing for tall guys or just like the way Tom looks generally? BTW: What does your friend think about you and Tom?

    I like guys of all height and color. It’s his general appeal. My friend, I am assuming you mean Miss Wolfe, she gave me the go ahead from the other night. She knew I was attracted to him.

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