Posted by: bosteen | April 7, 2007


Tonight I got together with my friend, capitolsxaddict, went out to one of our favorite clubs.  She is home for the Easter holidays.  I felt that Guy 2 got ripped off the other night so I needed to make up for it.  I called Guy 2 this afternoon and told him to get a hot friend for tonight.  He asked why, I think he was going to the threesome incident, but I told him we were going out.  The other guy was for my friend who was in town for the weekend.  I could tell he was relieved by his response.  I told him to meet us there at 10.

Miss Wolfe and I arrived ten minutes late but we got in right way.  We knew the bouncer and dressing a little slutty helps.  I saw Guy 2 right away and then my eye caught his friend.  Tom his friend was more than hot, he was fucking gorgeous.  We walked up to Guy 2 and Tom, the necessary introductions were made.

Guy 2 and I went off to the dance floor.  The other two shortly followed.  I could tell that Guy 2 was getting rather excited from the bulge growing in his pants.  We left the floor under the premise of getting a drink.  We made our way to a corner and began to kiss.  With one arm around me, I felt his hand go up my short skirt.  His fingers found my wet, bare pussy and quickly began to fuck me.  My moans were quieted by our kissing.  I rapidly cummed in his hand and I could feel my wetness run down my leg a little.  We both needed to get out of the club.

I went up to find Miss Wolfe and Tom making out and their hands exploring each other.  I interrupted them and told her the situation.  She said she would just go back home.  I told Guy 2 to meet me at my place in a half hour.  I left with my friend and dropped her off home.  I made my way to my place and got ready for the hard fucking I wanted.

He knocked at the door and I opened it wearing bra and panties.  He picked me  up and I used my foot to shut the door as he carried to my bed.  He threw me on the bed, leaned over and ripped off my panties exposing my wet pussy.  He dropped his pants freeing his hard cock.  I sat up and put a condom on him.  He grabbed my hips flipping me over on my chest, my ass in the air.  He slammed his cock deep in me.  He used my hips as handles as he forcefully fucked me.  He said I cummed so hard that I squirted a little on him.  He kept going until he orgasmed and he released my from his grip.

One time wasn’t the end.  He laid down next to me.  I reached over and removed his used condom.  Then I straddled him grinding my pussy up against his cock until it got hard. I placed a new condom on him and began to ride him.  He played with my tits as I rode his cock.  In the middle, he took charge and put me on my back.  He spread my legs and fucked my pussy hard again.  My moans louder than before, I know the people in my house had to hear it.  It didn’t take long for me to cum yet again with his cock pounding me.  I told him to pull out and finish on my stomach.  He got close to orgasm.  He pulled out his cock and jerked his load onto my stomach.  With the last spurt, I leaned up and cleaned the head of his cock.

He got his clothes and left.  I touched his cum with my index finger and savored the taste in my mouth.  I rubbed it around on my stomach and some on my nipples.  I licked my fingers to get his taste in my mouth again.  I got up still naked from my bed and came to my computer to write this.  I can feel his cum drying and sticky on my stomach and chest.  I need to abstain from masturbating more often if this is the result.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. okay no more lotion.


  2. Is Guy 2 going to get a name or is his lot in life to be an occasional toy? Not that that is a bad thing with girls like you around.

    I think Guy 2 is his name as far as this blog goes.

  3. Incredibly sexy, I loved this one!

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