Posted by: bosteen | April 6, 2007

Living Up To My Name.

A half hour after my previous post, Guy 2 showed up at my door. He came over to “visit” as he said. It was quite obvious why he showed up. I invited him in and talked to him to make him squirm a bit. I wasn’t going to make the first move even though I wanted to make it. He leaned in and gave me a kiss.

His kiss lead to his hands going between my legs.  I was already wet and he plunged his fingers inside my pussy.  My hand went to his pants.  I unzipped his pants and began to stroke his cock.  I was in such a state that my orgasm came very quickly and I instantly felt relaxed.  He removed his fingers and I shoved them in my mouth, enjoying the flavor of my pussy.  I removed his fingers in my mouth and took the chance to suck on his cock as I stroked it.  His load burst in my mouth.  I sucked and licked the tip of his cock clean.

I looked up at the time and noticed I had an hour to get shower, dress, etc… .  I told Guy 2 apologetically that I had plans so I needed to end our activities.  Guy 2 left and I went to get a quick shower.  I got dressed and just started to put on some make-up when Dan rang the door bell.  I answered the door and asked him to wait a couple minutes.  I ran up stairs, finished my prepping and walked down stairs.

We went to a nicer restaurant, not a fast food place.  We ordered and sat there talking when I felt his hand go up my skirt.  His nimble fingers found my pussy and stared to stroke my lips.  When my pussy was sufficiently wet, his fingers began to slide in and out of me.  It took all my will power not to make too much noise.  My breathing was definitely deep, biting my lip so I didn’t moan.  I, again, quickly orgasmed.  Dan removed his fingers and tasted them before before wiping the rest of my wetness on his napkin.  Two orgasms so far today, it was perfect.

We finished dinner and mad our way out to his car.  Before he opened the door for me, he leaned in for a kiss.  I kissed him quickly when it occurred to me that i never did brush my teeth after sucking off Guy 2.  This thought excited me a little.  I took the opportunity of the car ride lean over, take out his cock and give him some road head.  I swallowed his cum, a little after dinner dessert.

Dan and I got to my place with our hormones raging.  We made it up to my room and our clothes quickly came off.  Our bodies entangled in pleasure.  He put my legs on my shoulders.  He drove his cock hard into me.  It felt unbelievably good, I can’t remember a time that feeling a cock penetrate me being so good.  Within twenty minutes, we both cummed.  He got up to leave.  I walked him to the door, not dressing.  He left, I locked the door and went bed and collapsed there filled with the happiness that three orgasms brings after almost three days without.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Wow, hot, hot, hot. I’m glad you were able to be satisfied. I didn’t think just one guy was going to be able to do it. So are you staying with your no masturbation or are you back on.

    I love the parts where you lick Guy 1’s fingers, tasting your pussy and how you got hot realizing you didn’t brush your teeth after sucking him off. Got me nice and hard also.

    No masturbation, I said 2 weeks and I am going to stick with it.

  2. So hot! I love the insatiable need to get fucked! It’s also very arousing that you just jumped from Guy 2 to Dan! Great post!

  3. Glad you’re back in action… but don’t try to give up self-pleasure. It’s practically impossible! And why waste any opportunity to cum?

    You GO girl!


    I didn’t say I gave it up for good, its just for two weeks.

  4. You certainly are living up to your name. You’ve got a quite an experience to relate the next time someone asks you how close you have had sex with two different guys. If only Guy 2 or Dan know.

  5. You make swallowing sound good. I literally gulped and licked my lips.

  6. This post is so hot! …..You are so hot!!!! OMG, I’m so hard right now!


  7. mmm .. very nice….
    and very naughty!!!

    just the thing to make me cum 😀


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