Posted by: bosteen | April 4, 2007


I’m on day 2 of my self imposed torture.  There is no way I can make it 2 weeks without lots and lots of actual sex.  Today was the worst, I had my favorite class and prof.  To make it better, he was wearing these well fitting jeans.  Oh my god!  As I left class, I wanted to go in the bathroom and masturbate so badly but I resisted.  My mind is full of pure horniness and my mind often goes to that place.  It is extremely difficult to get out of that mode.  I need fucked so bad.  I have come to a conclusion that I need to masturbate to keep my head clear.  I need the orgasms to function in every day life.  God damn I need a dick.  I need to go make some calls.  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. The wonderful feeling of horniness. Love it, live it. Good luck.

  2. Some days I am totally sick in my desires. I can not stop masturbating. I am totally agitated and I could cry over the fence. And because there is nobody, nobody want watch me, I go back, sit on the couch spread my legs and try to get my husbands attention. He gives me everything, he stops working, he looks at me and we do as often as he can sex. But it is never enough. That’s my problem, sometimes it burns like fire in me.

  3. You’re a brave woman. I can’t make it a day with out touching myself. Sometimes I have to sneak off at work.

  4. I can certainly empathize!

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