Posted by: bosteen | April 2, 2007

Done for 2 Weeks?

Okay, I just got done masturbating for an hour.  My second time masturbating today.  I need a man to come fuck me and get this shit over.  I think I need to take a break from masturbating.  Starting tomorrow I am not going to masturbate for two weeks.   Yes, you heard me correct.  I will probably be ready to explode and insane by that time but I need to stop.  Happy Humping.

Slut X


  1. I love the idea that you were not satiated at all by your afternoon public sex. My favorite thing in the world to do is to torment myself, to jerk myself until I’m on the edge of cumming, and then not cum. Makes real sex that much more intense. I presume that this self-imposed prohibition doesn’t restrict your ability to play with yourself short of cumming, and also doesn’t restrict your right to fuck at will, in which case we could be in for some even steamier writing, I would imagine. I can’t wait to hear all the lovely ways you release the torrent of cum that will undoubtedly build inside you.

    I mean no conscious act of touching myself to attempt to get myself off.

  2. Good luck not masturbating for two weeks. I’ve decided to stop in the past also. It is hard, but usually worth it. Hopefully the blog doesn’t stop also. We’re here to help.

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