Posted by: bosteen | March 31, 2007

Animal Instincts.

Last nights party was a bust. I got there and it was lame. Guy 2 was there and I started to talk to him. We talked for a bit and decided the party was stupid so we went to a bar. Yes, I am underage but he isn’t so let the good times roll.

I didn’t drink much either did Guy 2, I was on good behavior. Guy 2 might become a regular on the blog so I am unsure if I should give him a name. He was wearing one of my favorite looks for a guy, a plain white button up shirt with jeans. I know anyone can wear that, but to me only certain guys can pull it off and look really good. Not to mention, I love to unbutton shirts on a guy. It can be so sensual. We had a couple drinks before our desires overcame our wanting to be hanging out. He asked if I wanted to go to his apartment. I quickly said yes.

On the way to his place, I reached over and fondled his cock. It was hard long before we ever made it to his place. Once we entered his apartment, our clothes were being shed on the way to his bed. It was much like the bread crumbs in Hansel and Grettle (unsure of spelling). We got to his bed and our animal instincts took over. It was a night of monkey sex with some biting, my nails digging in his back, licking and sucking. It was just pure lust and passion.

After, we collapsed on his bed. Our energy spent and quickly fell asleep. I woke up about two hours later. I called a cab, wrote him a note and got dressed. I know how guy like of me, but I have the hardest time sleeping in strange bed. I went home and got my sleep. Here I sit with after my long slumber. I feel so refreshed and energized. I do have some bite marks on me, my souvenirs of a fun night.

One last thing, my email is If you have suggestions/questions/just want to talk to me, feel free to contact me. Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. You’re so damned sexy. I love the urge to fuck and get a cab home! You’re a dream woman, you must realize!

  2. It sounds like you had a very enjoyable night. I never like waking up in a strange bed either. But it is great fun how you end up there. 😉

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