Posted by: bosteen | March 30, 2007

I love sunny days.

What is it about the thrill of having someone chase you? This guy has been flirting with me lately and I am not attracted to him what so ever. However, I find myself looking forward to his flirting with me. Is it the sunny days or is it the idea of being desired by this person?

Today is a nice spring day in Boston so I decided to dress appropriately. I wore this dark red shirt with a low cut v-neck and a jean skirt. I think I looked great. I got lots of looks today, I could feel them. My shirt shows a lot of cleavage so I know where their eyes were focused. I don’t mind the looks, its the reason I wear the shirt. I only went to my morning classes, I skipped the afternoon class. It was way to nice to sit in the class. Also it helps that my morning classes end with my favorite class. I caught the prof looking up in my directions a couple time to see if I was giving a show. This turned me on so much. I was so much looking forward to running into Dan in the hall. I wanted him to pull me in a classroom again. Alas, I didn’t see him and went home to masturbate. I sat outside and read to enjoy the day. I really do love sunny days.

Miss Wolfe forwarded a newspaper article from Toronto on the word slut. I think the word slut, much like the racist “n” word, the evil is in the emotion and way it is used. I personally take ownership of the word. I think a man needs an equally hurtful word, slut just isn’t the same when used on them. Also, the word bitch is a far worse word to call a woman in my opinion. I have a friend that says if a girl has more than 3 partners for every year she has been having sex, then she is a slut. For example, I have been fucking for 6 years, so 18 would be an acceptable number of partners for me. I think she’s out of her mind. I’m off to do other things and party tonight, I should have some good stories for you tomorrow. Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. What a wonderful tease. I’d love to see you in that shirt. I guess we can only imagine. Recently I began thinking of the word slut as a compliment, meaning a woman has taken control of being a sexual being and uses it to get what she wants. That’s only my opinion and I don’t go around calling woman sluts…”Hey it was a compliment”. I think the word also has more to do about attitude than numbers.

  2. hmmm…i once had a friend call me a “whore” and im a guy and it kind of hurt. i think the term should be applicable to men and women. guys just get away with it because male sexual deviance seems to be expected from men when really it’s a genderless thing.

    p.s. keep

  3. I love how you adore the attention. I’m sure it’s warranted!

  4. No one ever thinks that they do is excessive. Your girlfriend that says three different guys per year is OK probably has been with three different guys herself on average.

    The world is full people who have a lot of sex and people who don’t have very much at all. That’s why there is so much name-calling. You should see some of the e-mails we get sometime.

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