Posted by: bosteen | March 28, 2007

Two strikes your out.

Screw those baseball rules. I attempted my viewer after some convincing emails and it was a bust. I won’t go into it, it was just a huge, gigantic disappointment. Lesson of the day, leave things alone.

I had my favorite class today and I was giving my favorite prof a show. I woke up today with this intention. In the shower, I made sure that I shaved so I was nice and smooth. I wore this nice, short black and green plaid skirt. I did put on some black underwear at first. The skirt is so short that if I bend over I will expose myself.

Before calculus, I made a quick stop in the bathroom and removed my panties then went to class. Periodically in class, I would open my legs and show my pretty kitty. I caught him looking and it made me so horny. Why do I do this to myself? Then I took it a little bit further. After class, people were filing out of the room. I went up under the guise of asking a question. I asked my question and while he was answering I knocked something off his desk. I then bent over to pick it up in front of him. I am unsure if he looked but it was out there.

After I was done with my class, I ran into Dan on my way to the library. I showed him my panties in my bag. He pulled me into a nearby empty classroom and shut the door. Don’t ask me why, but I usually have a condom in my bag. I put the condom on him and we had a quickie standing up in the class room. It was so freaking hot, the first time I had sex at school. We put the condom in the waste can, so someone will find a used condom. I’m pretty sure it won’t be the first time it happens. Over all a great day. Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. Sorry you struck out, but a hot story of fucking in a classroom. Again, where were girls like you when I was in college? Damn
    He struck out, not me.

  2. you naughty little slut. keep it up, lol

  3. That’s a shame about the watcher; would have been a cool connection if it had worked. Oh well. You can still torment the hell out of him, at least, so that you get some benefit out of it. I love the urgency of pulling Dan into the classroom. You’re splendid!

  4. good, thanks

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