Posted by: bosteen | March 26, 2007

Better at a Distance

The other day I was masturbating, again, and I noticed my admirer looking in my window.  I gave him a show and finished.  I then waved at him.  However, my playing wasn’t quite enough and I made a mistake.  I waved him over.  I answered the door naked.  Little did I know I would be wasting my time and effort.  We got to letting our hands go all over each other and that was good.  The badness comes in the fact that he was a “two pump chump”.  The dude didn’t last a minute.  Talk about disappointment on so many levels.  I am unsure if it was the situation or the work out he had before.  All I know is it is very sad.  What now?  Do I let him have another shot?  Do I just forget the whole thing?  I know one thing it ruins the whole being watched fantasy.  I’m a dumb ass!  Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I really need your address now. Give the guy a little break. I’d feel lucky if I made it to the second pump after watching you masturbate and then having you answer the door naked. Don’t give him another shot though, give that to me instead 🙂 What’s it going to hurt to give him another shot? It’s already ruined in your eyes, maybe if he has a second chance he can redeem himself. Just stay safe so we can continue to read your blog.

    I am always safe.

  2. Does it really completely ruin the being watched fantasy? I mean, it coudln’t ruin being watched by a completely different guy, could it? Also, even regarding this guy, it’s still gotta feel good to be the center of his attention as you do what you want to do anyway. Go with your gut on whether to give him another shot.

  3. i would love to hear more about this… more details, if there are some…

    i love your style.

    go read my “adrenaline moment” – it’s a hot, true exhibitionist tale on my blog.

    i’ll be checking back… i want more of you…

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