Posted by: bosteen | March 23, 2007


With the recent revelation of my neighbor watching me masturbating today, I’ve been sexually charged.  Last night I had a family thing so I was on my best behavior, a very difficult thing to do considering my mood.  When I got home, I opened up my blinds just enough and started to play with myself.  I don’t know if he was there to watch it, but I let him have the opportunity to watch.  I did some homework then to sleep.

I went through my usual morning routine this morning with the exception of getting dressed in my room, and no I didn’t change the blinds from last night.  I was looking forward to my classes today.  I was tempted to tease my calculus teacher today but I decided not to do it.   I think it will go down on Monday.

At class, the usual effect happened after calculus.  I left there horny and wanting to get off.  My regular, quiet place in the library was taken.  I couldn’t get off until I got home.  I masturbated again, two times today.  Now, I am resting up for a party tonight.  Thanks to the new people that are reading the blog and your comments.  I hope you enjoy it.  Happy Humping.

Slut X


  1. I love this and can associate with the desire to be watched. I’ve developed a symbiotic relationship with my neighbor across the street. She fucks guys with the blinds up in her apartment. I watch, and I stroke myself in the window. She’s started to smile at me while she’s getting fucked.

  2. Lovely post…one thing…can I have your address? I’d love to watch you masturbate. 🙂

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