Posted by: bosteen | March 22, 2007

I can see you…

Today I had one of those super horny, not going to be satisfied days.  I had a pretty normal morning.  I woke up, got a shower, played with myself in the shower, got dressed and go to school.  It is wednesday after all and I have my favorite class.  It will be depressing after this semester and no more calculus and my favorite professor.

The day was pretty typical until I got home from school.  I raced up to my room.  Pulling off my pants, I grabbed my vibrator and got on my bed.  I quickly started to masturbate, not really paying attention to the state of my window.  I was about five minutes into playing and I catch out of the corner of my eye my neighbor.  Yes, I didn’t close my blinds.  I freaked out in my head but I was so close to finishing.  I very quickly finished up and I didn’t look directly at him.  I don’t really know if he saw or not.  I went to clean up and go about the rest of my day.

I can’t really say anything if he did catch me, I have to admit I have looked in his window from time to time watching him walk around in his underwear or shorts.  I had to know if he saw me.  Later came the perfect time to find out.  I was taking out some garbage to the trash can when he was going out to his car.  I was sure to greet him. He replied back with a hello.  Then I said to him “see anything good today?”  His face got flushed and he tried to look confused at me.  I caught him though, he knew it.  I just said bye and went back inside.  He drove away in his car.

It excited me to know that he was watching once I knew he saw.  Is that wrong?  I think I might start to leave the blinds up next time I know he’s home.   Happy Humping!

Slut X


  1. I’m sure you made his day! Our neighbors are either old or crazy..mainly just crazy, so I don’t think we’ll be giving them a show anytime soon:)

  2. Wow! What a lucky neighbor. Enough said.

  3. God, this turns me on. I love to watch and be watched!

  4. Wow very sexy!

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