Posted by: bosteen | March 18, 2007


I went to a party last and had a slightly confusing situation.  What happens when 2 friends with benefits, who don’t know each other, are at the same party?  Who to choose if I get horny?

Being a standard American, I went to a party to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.  While at the party, I run into Dan, my friend that ended my 2 week drought.  I walked up and talked to him, flirting a lot, and he got me a drink.  We stood there talking and about a half hour later I see my long lost friend, the one who disappeared on me for two weeks, at the party.  I refuse to give his name for reasons you will see later.

My so-called friend sees me flirting with Dan and freaks out in his head.  Dan went to go to the rest room and the guy approaches me.  He asks me who I was flirting with.  WTF!  I tell him to get lost and come back to me when he is being reasonable.  I don’t want to cause a scene.  He presses the issue, so I am forced to set the situation straight.    I told him “we knew what it was when we entered our agreement and what he was doing was being a jealous ass.  I am not your  property, you aren’t mine.  If you can’t get that through your dinosaur sized man brain then leave me the fuck alone.”  It is a much cleaner version than what it really was.  Basically, he is dead to me.  He huffed off and I was so angry and pissed.

Dan got back from his thing and the first thing i did was kiss him.  I knew the fuck-head was watching.  I was going to be vindictive for the shit he pulled.  Dan and I drank, flirted, kissed and hung out.  The whole time I could feel the other guy watching me.  I didn’t give a fuck, it made me horny to be honest.

Dan and i went back to my house after and had sex.  It was drunk sex so not very notable.  He orgasmed, i didn’t.  It still felt good.  We fell asleep in my bed.

This morning was a different story.  When i woke up, we were spooning.  Both of us naked, I could feel his dick pressed up against my ass.  I put my hand around me and started to play with his balls to wake him up.  I could feel his cock grow hard on my ass. He woke up and put his cock between my legs.  Dan started to move his cock on the lips of my pussy.  I got wet very fast at this point I reached over to my nightstand and got a condom.

We had sex in the spooning position, it was very sensual and enjoyable.  It is more a position for people in a relationship but I love some slow romantic sex.  This time we both reached orgasm.  Dan left, I got a shower and went about my day.  I am still pissed at the fuck-head.  Dan is better anyhow.

– Slut X


  1. People you have informal sex with can take the relationship way more serious than you, if you don’t establish clear boundaries. Even as old and grey as I am, people still are stupid sometimes

    You can always get a Rabbit.
    (sorry if the link doesn’t format right)


  2. I think when guys have a “let’s have a casual relationship” agreement in their heads, they don’t think we may be having sex with other people. It think it is the whole tribal instinct thing that takes over – “don’t impregnate my woman” BS. Glad that you dropped the guy.

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