Posted by: bosteen | March 16, 2007

Sexy Time!

Last night, I finally got fucked after 2 weeks. It wasn’t my usual guy but someone I have been flirting with for about a month. I was cleaning out my bag and I found his number at the bottom. I quickly dialed him up and asked if he wanted to come over to watch a movie. He agreed and said he would be over at 9. It gave me an hour to get ready and since my parents are gone until Monday, it gives me the house free to do what ever I want. I changed into a skirt, no panties, a long sleeve shirt with no bra. My nipples were so visible Hubble Space Telescope could pick them out.

Dan, the guy, showed up about 10 minutes early and I open the door. It is cold out so my nipples perked right up. I notice him look at them and it made me a little wet. I don’t think he knew what I had planned for him. I lead him into the family room and ask him if he wants any snacks or something to drink. He wants a beer so I go grab one for him and me out of my dads kegerator thing. I bring in the drinks, set them down in front of the couch on the coffee table and I put the movie he brought into the DVD player. He brought “Borat” which I saw in the theaters but its freaking great so I have no problem watching it again.

I sit down next to Dan on the couch and start the movie. It took me all of about ten minutes to get close to him and put my head on his shoulder. I use the excuse that I am cold. I put my and on his chest and then I see a bulge start to grow in his pants. At this sign, I nuzzle up and little closer so he can feel me breathe on his neck, my hand manages to go down to his stomach. I notice the bulge in his pants has grown. I can feel his heart beating a little faster, I know he wants to make a move but he is taking forever.

I start to kiss his neck while I move my hand down to his crotch. I start to rub his cock on the outside of his pants. He starts to kiss me and his hands play with my tits on the outside of my shirt. I guide one of his hands down to my skirt and underneath. At this time, I am so wet its ridiculous and he finds my wet pussy with no panties. Dan starts to rub my slit with his finger tips. I take the opportunity to undo his pants. He lifts his hips a little and I pull down his boxers pants and release his cock from his boxers.

I am stroking his cock when he informs me he doesn’t have a condom. I had planned on this before hand and placed one in between the cushions of the couch. I pull out the condom with a devilish look on my face. I put the condom on his hard, upright cock. I get on him looking into his eyes, my hand holding on to his cock to guide it in me as I lower myself on him. I sit there for a moment enjoying the feeling of his cock in me. He uses this brief time to lift my shirt off of me, freeing my tits in front of his face. My body starts to slide up and down his cock, going slow at first to enjoy the sensation of his cock sliding between my pussy lips. My eyes are closed as i ride him, my back arched with my head leaning back. He is sucking and nibbling on my nipples. I start to ride him faster, feeling myself come closer to orgasm. I am so close to orgasm when he cums.

I was a little disappointed, but for a first time with him, it is incredibly good. I wasn’t expecting to get that close to orgasm with him on the first time. I get off of him and he is worried that I didn’t cum. I tell him not to worry about it, we have plenty of time. He removed his condom and I threw it away for him. He got up and followed me to the trash can. I made sure to bend over for him as I got rid of it so my skirt lifted and he could see my wet pussy. I wanted to give him some encouragement to get hard soon.

We are going back into the family room when he pulls me closer to him. I can feel his hard cock between my legs as he kisses my neck and his hands run down the side of my body. He pushed off my skirt and it hit the floor, i leaned over the side of the couch and pulled out another condom for him to use. I could feel his cock slide up and down my pussy lips as he teased me with it. I rolled the condom on his hard cock, I wanted to cum so bad. I told him to warn me before he cums.

I bent over the edge of the couch, my ass in the air. He grabbed my hips as he entered me again. One long slow stroke into me, it hit me just right. I knew I would cum this time. He picked up the pace as I felt his cock hammer into me, God it felt great. I could feel his balls hit up against me as he drove his cock deep in my pussy. It wasn’t long until i was on the edge of orgasm again. Dan did not let up at all he kept fucking my pussy, the closer I got to orgasm I would move my ass back so he went in a little deeper and harder. It wasn’t long until my orgasm came to me and i cummed so hard. My cum covered his balls and running down both of our legs. He kept going until he said he was going to cum.

I told him to pull out. I got on my knees in front of him, removed the condom. With my tongue I licked the precum off his tip and jerked him off into my mouth. Tasting the warm, salty cum on my tongue was perfect. I swallowed his load and started to lick my cum off is balls. I could taste both of us on my taste buds.

He got dressed and got his movie. I walked him to the front door, I didn’t even dress yet. I hugged him, gave him a kiss, and he grabbed my ass and slid a couple fingers between my legs and rubbed my lips one last time. He tasted me and smiled.

Fuck yah! I got a real fucking. I will have to call him soon for another one. Currently, I should be in calculus but with my good nights sleep and orgasm, I don’t need the mental tease of checking out my prof.

ANNOUNCING: I am holding a 15 comment contest. The person that gives me my 15th overall comment, will get the pic file of the one on my page and one from Halloween in my costume. There is no nudity, just me in a blue bikini and my costume. I would ask if you win, use it for your own personal things, not post it on some website. I would like to do this sort of thing again but if you are going to post it to some website, I don’t see another contest coming. If you think you are the 15 person, you better make sure I know how to contact you, or it will go to the next person. Good luck!

Happy Humping

Slut X


  1. the story is realy beautiful

  2. He came twice? He’s a keeper 🙂

  3. so sexy… make me hot… 🙂

  4. devilishly good read girl. very nice. always loved a girl who planned ahead (condom in couch).

    15 comment? do you mean the person who posts the 15th comment, because I can do 11 real quick LOL.


  5. 10 real quick

  6. Wait, where was the second condom? In the other couch cushion?

    **** Yes i put a second one there incase the first broke.

  7. And I agree, if he can come twice in that short a period… he’s either not had sex in quite some time, or he’s a stud.

  8. Now that’s what a family room’s for 😉

  9. very hot stories. i am jerking to them right now. please keep IT up. thank you.

  10. how does this not have 15 comments?

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