Posted by: bosteen | March 14, 2007

I’m a bad, bad girl.

I hatched an evil idea last night while masturbating.  A little back story first.  On M, W, F, I have calculus and if you read one of my previous posts you know I love going there because the teacher is hott.  I was finishing my calculus homework before sleep last night and it got me thinking about my teacher which made me horny.  I finished my homework got, ready for bed and was still horny.  I grabbed one of my vibrators and used it on myself to get off before sleep.  I thought of him the entire time.

After cumming, I started to think of my evil idea.  My classroom has stadium-like seating and my chair is roughly eye level.  My plan was to sit there with one of my shortest skirts no panties and flash him.  I know its not really original, but the TMI question about seducing got me thinking.  I have flirted with him endlessly and I have noticed him look at me as I left his office or look down my shirt at times.  I was doing it, no doubts or regrets.

I woke up today and got my shower, shaved to make sure I was nice and smooth, and got dressed.  I wore a nice white button up shirt with a green v-neck sweater, and my skirt.  I got to class early in order to make sure someone didn’t sit in my usual seat.  He walks in the room and gets his stuff ready for class.  I take an opportunity to see if he will notice now.  I open my legs and say, “Mr. X, can you go over a couple problems of the homework in class?”   He looks up , I noticed him stop for a moment.  I know he caught a glimpse of my exposed pussy.  He looks at my face, I give a coy smile, he says that he will.

Class began and I knew he would look up from time to time and check out exposed parts.  He was enjoying it, the evidence was in the slight bulge in his pants.  From time to time, I would ask a question to give him a reason to look in my direction.   At the end of class, I was so freaking wet and horny from him checking out my pussy.  I quickly made my way to the bathroom and masturbated quietly in one of the stalls.  What a fucking turn on!  I can’t wait for my next class.

Happy Humping.

Slut X


  1. Damned, where were you when “I” was in college? 🙂

    You could always take an eyebrow pencil and write “Hi, (his name)” on your inner thigh. See what he does then.

  2. Wish my teachers would’ve been that hot! How fun:)


  4. That is rad! You give the word SLUT a good name!

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