Posted by: bosteen | March 12, 2007


I woke up today and again I was so fucking horny.  I don’t know what has gotten into me.  Since I had school, there wasn’t much time to play around.  I got a shower and hurriedly washed myself so I had time to masturbate quick.  Speaking of which, I found a new way to masturbate in the shower without using my fingers or bringing anything in with me.  I use Herbal Essence shampoo and conditioner.  I take the thin side of the bottle and I run it up and down my pussy.  It rubs up against my clit and my slit.  God, it feels great.   Sorry for the digression there, I got ready and went to school.

I had calculus today and it is by far my favorite class.  The prof is so fucking hott.  He knows it because he wears these jeans that hug his ass just right.  I get caught up his ass moving as he writes on the board.  This could also be why I am not doing the best in his class.  Class was over way to soon for my liking.  After class, I went to his office to ask for help on something that wasn’t quite clear to me.  I honestly had a question, but its a nice bonus to be up close to him and smell his cologne.  I honestly want him to just bend me over his desk and fuck me.  He answered my question and I had to go because there were other people waiting for him.

I went to the library after to do some homework and studying.  It didn’t do a lot of good, all I could do is think of my calculus prof.  Without really thinking, I put one hand down my pants and started to rub my clit.  I was sitting there playing with myself for a couple minutes and I heard the elevator door open.  Fuck someone was coming and I hadn’t finished.  I hoped they would just come get a book and leave quick.  There was no such luck, they sat down at a table nearby.  I had to do actual studying.  I was tempted to finish what I started but thought it could wait until later.  The person never left so when I finished I got up and went to my class.  Major disappointment!!!  Hopefully tonight I will get a booty call and get the hard fucking I need.

I changed my photo on top, I hope you like it.  The weather is warming up and felt like showing a little bit more.  Happy Humping!

– Slut X


  1. THESE ARE real feelings there is nothing worng. I am far away other wise I could have helped you to quench your sex passion. however you may post your feelings on my e mail

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