Posted by: bosteen | March 11, 2007

Went to a party, made a couple bucks.

No, I did not prostitute myself.  Let’s get that in the open.

This weekend some good friends are getting back into town, they are home from their college for spring break.  What else is there to do but throw a party and catch up with one another.

It was pretty much a typical party.  There was music, alcohol, people dancing and talking.  I went there with the intention of not drinking too much and just enjoying myself.  Things don’t always go as I planned.  It was about 2 hours in and I was pretty well drunk, well past buzzed.

I get pretty wild when I am drunk.  This time my wildness took form of getting on a table and stripping.  I was feeling the music somehow I ended up on the table and dancing.  Someone jokingly said, “Take it off!”   Little did they know, I was willing to do it.  When I got down to bra and panties, a friend of mine joined me.  She started stripping and I was more than willing to help her.   She was down to bra and panties also, so we danced and grinded on each other.  Some kissing and wandering hands followed.  When it was all over, we both found some tips for us.  I made $20, not bad for some dumb party.

– Slut X

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